Martial Arts NYC


Karate has become one of the greatest martial arts in recent years. It is highly valued at schools in Japan today. Lots of karate centers are widely open for new students not only in Asian countries but all around the globe. Karate City center is not the exception; we are aimed to promote the highest quality trainings among either professional martial artists or enthusiasts.

Impressive results require years of laborious training that is why one should choose karate school relying on its staff. Needless to say, our brilliant masters posses all the characteristics to be not mere your trainers but mentor and friends for long years.


  • Improved cardiovascular health and balance;
  • Essential skills (flexibility, self-confidence, agility);
  • Becoming a peaceful warrior
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle

Martial Arts NYC is your key to sacred lands of Japanese philosophy, start attending classes and face your inner power of a man. We warmly welcome everyone and are waiting for new students